A path inward to a truer you.

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With a single bold stroke, a Zen master renders a sacred circular emblem known as an "enso". The enso represents a path to enlightenment - an individual's journey, both inwards and outwards, to engage, refocus, discover and connect to a truer you.

For those of us who seek to be more compassionate, more genuine, more collaborative, more effective, in our personal and professional lives, we require new tools and strategies. We seek to align our values with our vision. We seek to empower others and ourselves. We seek to enrich our workplaces, our homes, and our communities with a sense of harmony and unity, even as the demands on our time, resources, and energy amplify.

At enso, we illuminate a path inward to a truer you - in all that you are, in all that you do, in all that you are destined to become.



what we do

At enso, we choose an enlightened approach to transformative and restorative experiences. Our promise to you is connection and inner peace through a range of offerings that leave you feeling energized and connected to your best self.

At enso Retreat Centre, you are immediately immersed in a peaceful and tranquil stunning oceanfront setting to begin your experience. Whether you seek transformation or restoration, you will be well cared for. Our signature “A Shade More..” retreats and “A Truer You” courses have something for the yogi to the adventure seeker, for the stressed out professional to the tired mom, for the emerging leader to the enthusiastic go-getter.

Our unique retreats and programs all infuse a mix of coaching, mindfulness, yoga, outdoor activities, new skills and practical tools in an integrated approach to bring you full circle to a more connected, truer you.

We specialize in helping people of all ages and walks of life going through a life transition or desiring more connection to themselves and others.

Though we are located in the Greater Vancouver, BC area, we can easily access clients in throughout the Pacific Northwest including Victoria, BC, the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Washington State, and Seattle, WA. We serve clients both remotely through our coaching and consulting services and on-site at our Retreat Centre.


enso's founder Dori Howard  helps you integrate your personal and professional journeys with executive coaching and leadership development. We help you rise to your utmost potential.


enso advocates a holistic approach to managing change and embracing leadership. We offer health coaching for people and their families to thrive during periods of  transition.


Immersing yourself in a tranquil environment gives you space to think, to breathe, to connect.
enso welcomes you to our beach house & forest sanctuary on Salt Spring Island, BC for your next exclusive retreat or event.



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Dori is a self-directed learner 'par excellence' who is passionate about supporting others in their learning and leadership development.

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