conflict resolution & team building

High performing teams are not coincidence. They are created with a mix of passion, vision, clear goals, expectations, effective interpersonal relationships, and the ability to move through conflict in healthy ways. High performing teams are built on a foundation of trust and accountability. Whether you are a small working group, sports team or large complex team, these components are essential to achieve your goals.

At Enso we work with your team members to uncover the underlying issues, identify the most urgent challenges, learn about each individual, set expectations for outcomes, co-create custom strategies to resolve challenges, define consensus, and move towards a more sustainable work and team environment. 



why choose enso?

Combining over 30 years of practical and leadership experience in healthcare and continuing education in leadership and executive coaching at Royal Roads University, Enso founder Dori Howard knows how healthy teams should and can function. Dori designs programs to achieve tangible learning outcomes, incorporating a mix of pre-work assessments, individual and team coaching, role play, demonstrations, small group work, partner work, follow-up work, and giving and receiving feedback.

Does your team need a fresh perspective to gain clarity and cohesiveness? Enso can facilitate a team retreat at a venue of your choice or at our Enso Retreat Centre on idyllic Salt Spring Island, BC.


Understand the big picture

We zoom out to assess the big picture, identify the underlying causes of conflict, and redefine what team health will look like and how it will function.

Custom-designed programs

Each team is comprised of specific personalities, strengths, and skills. enso designs programs to address the unique people and circumstances of your team.


Focus on communication

Teams are built upon relationships, and all relationships require effort to communicate mindfully and compassionately. enso prioritizes helping teams to fine tune their skills.

Real-life application

Utilizing actual challenges your team faces is the most effective way to facilitate real change. enso supports teams to create strategies both in theory and in practice.


optimize your team's health

Is your team ready for meaningful transformation?