program & workshop design

Every work environment, even within the same organization, is unique because of the individuals who comprise the team. Designing a tailored program for a group requires an ability to develop a detailed curriculum that allows for adaptability and flexibility during implementation. A tailored program starts “where learners are at”, and builds upon your team members' individual strengths, addresses the most pressing concerns, while also maintaining alignment with your organization’s vision and strategy.

Exceptional training and development curriculum requires setting expectations for outcomes, and incorporates competencies, learning outcomes, assessments and evaluation of learning. Using a multi-modal approach and experiential learning design, enso develops a learning pathway for optimum success for all stakeholders. We are dedicated to designing an experiential learning environment that is tailor-made for your organization and your team(s). We incorporate a mix of pre-work assessments, teaching, coaching, role playing, demonstrations, small group work, partner work, triads, follow-up work, and feedback.


why choose enso?

enso founder Dori Howard has designed, co-developed, and facilitated custom curriculum for workshops and trainings for a numerous teams in a variety of fields including healthcare, professional services, and business. 

enso customizes program and workshop curriculum for topics and events such as:

  • leadership training and development

  • coaching teams and individuals

  • workplace wellness

  • conflict resolution

  • team building

  • deep-dive team or group retreats (retreat hosting for up to 15 participants is available at our enso beach house & forest sanctuary on Salt Spring Island, BC)

  • health & wellness workshops and retreats for managing chronic illness including Type 1 Diabetes, and more

  • workshops and retreats for people experiencing major life transitions, including retirement, new career, divorce, loss, and more

Do you have a specific topic, challenge, or event you don't see listed above? 
Contact us to discuss your vision.


Understand underlying issues

enso assesses the underlying issues (and overarching challenges) of your organization and team to create curriculum that resonates directly with everyone involved.

Determine expected outcomes

enso ensures clarity from your stakeholders to define consensus, and to determine what successful resolution looks and feels like for every member and your organization or group.


Develop sound strategy

enso draws from a comprehensive wheelhouse of learning modalities to pursue your expected outcomes including group/dyad/triad learning, role playing, coaching, follow-up and feedback. 


Implement & follow-up

enso continues coaching through the crucial period of implementation to ensure acceptance, manage change, troubleshoot, offer feedback, and modify as required by your team.


custom program & curriculum design

how can enso tailor learning to your team?