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Perhaps you have reached a crossroads in your career. Perhaps you are seeking an innovative way to make your mark. Perhaps you have a new (or a seasoned) team to inspire, or new client expectations to fulfill. Perhaps big organizational changes are afoot, and you want to create strategies for yourself and others to manage change proactively. Perhaps you want to cultivate a more sustainable work-life balance, or learn to communicate more effectively to your managers, peers or your team. 

At enso, we offer Executive Coaching for individuals and teams who are ready to fulfill your unlimited potential, and become the best version of yourself in your professional sphere of influence. We work with professionals - including nurses, physicians, health care administrators, educators, legal professionals and community leaders - who are in pursuit of transformation by way of inquiry, mindfulness, and compassion.



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health & life transition coaching 

Whether life transitions are planned or unplanned, change is inevitable. Transformation, however, is optional. If you have experienced a life event or  been diagnosed with an unexpected illness, disease or injury, you may be overwhelmed with the various lifestyle changes that your new circumstances require. enso offers experienced Health Coaching to individuals and families managing conditions including Type 1 Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and chronic pain to live a function-centered life. We also work with individuals undergoing significant life changes, such as retirement, divorce, or loss to transition healthfully, wisely, and gracefully into your next stage of life.  

Like our Executive Coaching services, we infuse our Health Coaching strategies with a harmonious blend of powerful personal inquiry, exploratory visualization and planning, integrative and collaborative approaches, emotional intelligence, and compassionate mindfulness. 



why choose enso?

enso founder Dori Howard has dedicated her career to creating more compassionate, more productive, and more cohesive workplaces. As a pediatric oncology nurse, she witnessed how and why the organizational health of your workplace has a direct impact on your team's ability to provide service and care to your external clientele. She chose to pursue the path of leadership on behalf of her healthcare colleagues, establishing her organization's healthcare leadership program and coaching her peers to collaborate towards excellence.

Dori draws from both her lived leadership experience in the BC healthcare system and her academic pursuits towards a Masters in Leadership and Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria BC. Dori is accredited to facilitate practices and programs including Coaching Out of the Box, The Leadership Circle, and Learning in Action EQ Assessment. She has also contributed as a coach, facilitator, and advisor for organizations including The Canadian Medical Association Coaching Connections, UBC CPD Communications Course, and UBC Coaching Program.  


One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching for executives and leaders enables you to dig deeply into your own career aspirations, develop personal leadership skills, and cultivate powerful strategies to inspire success in yourself and in others.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is ideal for organizations dedicated to creating collaboration and cohesion. Working together, we can identify the intersections of each team member's skills, passions, and goals, and unite to create a healthy workplace.


Health & Wellness Coaching

Dori integrates healthcare experience and professional development to offer a distinctive approach to managing change, and optimizing physical & emotional wellness while you undergo the most challenging transitions. 

Coaching at Your Convenience

Though enso is based in the Lower Mainland BC and Salt Spring Island BC, Dori is able to provide coaching in person, via Skype, FaceTime or phone,  as well as email and text message for follow-up and finer details. 



“I highly recommend Dori for anyone looking for a coach, a  facilitator and/or developer of a comprehensive leadership program."

- Kathy Taberner


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How can enso support you to nourish yourself and those around you?