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our approach

At enso, we believe that we are all inherently seeking to be our best selves - in all that we do, in all that we are, in all that we hope to become.

Seeking leads to learning. Learning leads to clarity. Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to empowering ourselves to apply what we have learned to our own world, so that we can heal, grow, and change ourselves, our workplaces and our families, and our communities. When we embark on a path of transformation fueled by conscious and compassionate curiosity, we cultivate a better sense of work-life balance, bringing about a deeper sense of harmony and peace for ourselves and those around us.  

At enso, we illuminate the path inward towards a truer you. 


Our Clientele

We empower people to become more proficient, collaborative, committed and compassionate:

  • Nurses

  • Physicians

  • Healthcare Administrators

  • Business Owners & Managers

  • Professional Service Providers, including Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners, and more

  • Educators and their Support Teams

  • Community Groups, Organizers & Leaders

  • Youth Girls and Sports Teams

  • Individuals undergoing significant life transitions, including those recently retired, divorced, or experiencing loss

  • Individuals living with chronic illness, disease or pain, plus their families and caregivers


our methodology

Our holistic approach to learning and transformation integrates executive coaching, leadership development, and communication methodologies with mindfulness strategies like meditation, yoga, and spending time in nature.

We guide you to identify your overarching goals and objectives, understand your external challenges, dig deeply into your inherent strengths and your internal obstacles, guide you to develop realistic, attainable strategies and skills, and hold you accountable through on-going coaching, assessment, re-evaluation, and follow-up.

To facilitate successful learning and application for you, your team and/or your family, we tailor proven methodologies and learning modalities to your specific circumstances:


At enso, we offer a safe sanctuary to deep dive into who you truly are, and resurface into your ultimate potential.



Dori - Retreat center salt spring-16.jpg

about dori

Founder, Facilitator, Executive Coach & Retreat Specialist
“True learning - and true connection - arises from compassion, empathy, and a willingness to dig deeply beneath the surface to find out what is really there for you.”

Dori Howard has a passion for learning for that has illuminated the path of her life. Dori views learning not just in the definitive sense of a formal education, but also in the deeper, broader understanding of human relationships that shape all aspects of our lives – our work, our families, our communities.  She describes this as her “conscious curiosity.” Dori believes that to imagine, define, manifest, and sustain “success” in our professional and personal lives, we must be willing to examine ourselves with honesty, curiosity, and compassion. We must also be willing to embrace the “sometimes-unsettling-but-ultimately-rewarding” journey towards transformation.

In 30+ years of clinical and leadership experience in the field of healthcare, Dori positioned herself on the front-lines of a sector whose primary mandate was to care for the physical and mental health of patients. Her nursing experience in pediatric oncology enabled Dori to cultivate a deep sense of compassion, urgency, and clear, empathetic communication – not only for her patients, but also for her colleagues. Eager to help facilitate a healthy work environment, Dori co-established leadership education curricula for BC Children’s Hospital. She created, developed and facilitated many employee development programs, including healthcare leadership programs integrating coaching and the LEADS framework.

By helping to forge a path towards healthier healthcare, Dori recognized that skilled leadership, planning, communication, and coaching could help other individuals, groups and workplaces to optimize their potential. She founded the Stars Volleyball Club to provide volleyball and leadership experience for young women on the North Shore. She expanded her executive coaching portfolio to consult for other healthcare professionals, business leaders, lawyers, educators, and more. Dori’s passion for learning, leadership and coaching skills, and healthcare experience have brought her full circle, now offering coaching for individuals recently diagnosed with chronic pain, illness or disease.

Dori holds a BSc in Nursing from the University of Alberta. She has completed her Masters in Leadership and Training and earned a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, Institute of Coaching and the NeuroLeadership Institute. Dori is a facilitator for Coaching out of the Box, which uses the most advanced knowledge-base in the coaching industry.  She is also a licensed practitioner for  The Leadership Circle and Learning in Action Emotional Intelligence Assessment.  



about yasmeen

Retreat Administrative Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Coach

Yasmeen is Bachelor of Science graduate, with a major in Psychology & a minor in Applied Ethics. Health & Wellness have always been a central part of her life. Her experience lies in Cognitive & Neuropsychology with a focus on mental health.

She is currently in the final steps of completing her Coaching Certification, with a goal of being a Performance & Wellness Coach. When she isn’t at work or taking courses to further her education, Yasmeen spends her time in nature or at the gym where she teaches Boxfit & TRX group fitness classes.

Yasmeen is working at Enso Beach & Forest Sanctuary while focusing on Marketing, Social Media, Coaching, & Retreat Preparation. You will likely see Yasmeen at one of our Signature Retreats!



what is an enso?

With a single bold stroke, a Zen master renders a sacred circular emblem known as an "enso". The enso represents a path to enlightenment - an individual's journey, both inwards and outwards, to uncover deeper meaning, deeper understanding, deeper truth.

The enso is a sacred Buddhist artform that originates from Japan. An enso is characterized by a circular stroke of a brush. The artist may leave the circle open or incomplete, signifying possibility. The artist may choose to close the circle, representing wholeness. The approach to creating an enso is rooted in simplicity, in releasing perfection or judgment, thereby allowing the artist to simply be with what is. In this way, an enso symbolizes a path to enlightenment. The viewer may gaze at an enso as focus for contemplation and meditation, inviting the deeper sense inner peace needed to approach enlightenment.


“I highly recommend Dori for anyone looking for a coach, a  facilitator and/or developer of a comprehensive leadership program."

Kathy Taberner, Owner, Institute of Curiosity



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