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Skilled facilitation of workshops and trainings results in a deeper understanding not only of organizational and team challenges and opportunities, but of the accountability each individual plays in the current conditions and the future potential of your workplace. Perhaps even more importantly, skilled facilitation has the capacity to unite individuals, bringing about harmony and collaboration for your teams.

At Enso we believe that learning is most effective when it is applied to real-life scenarios. We draw upon best practice learning and leadership methodologies to deliver workshops and trainings that make a long-lasting impact. We can tailor and deliver pre-established curriculum to suit your team's learning requirements, or we can custom-design and facilitate programs and workshops specific to your organizational needs. We help your teams to understand the bigger picture, create and apply realistic solutions, and develop organic and emergent plans for future success. 



why choose enso?

Well before Enso Founder Dori Howard decided to transition to her current career as an executive coach and workshop facilitator, she worked fastidiously to improve the organizational environment for her colleagues in the healthcare field. She identified that learning, especially in company with your teammates, resulted in a more cohesive workplace. She spearheaded a comprehensive leadership development program, Leaders For Learning, for her fellow nurses, physicians, support staff, and administrators in BC Children's and BC Women's Hospitals, creating curriculum and facilitating group learning.

Since earning her Master of Arts in Leadership and Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University, Dori has tailored and delivered many learning modules, leadership programs, coaching programs, retreats, and team-building workshops to both small and large groups. She has facilitated learning for leaders and their teams, including business executives, entrepreneurs, legal and financial professionals, educators, community leaders, and healthcare professionals. 


Build cohesive teams

Sharing the experience of learning can in itself be a team-building exercise. enso helps to reinforce team bonds with workshops custom tailored to your organization's challenges, opportunities, mission, and vision. 


Refine leadership skills

Skillfully practicing leaderships skills is no longer reserved exclusively for leaders. enso empowers teams to hone their ability to support one another, delegate, offer feedback, and plan for and manage success. 


Cultivate communication

In every aspect of our lives, curious and compassionate communication can be the key that opens many doors. enso's approach to workshop facilitation invites you to enhance your capacity for effective team communication.

Activate emotional intelligence

The ability to accurately tune into your own emotions and the emotions of others paves the way for more genuine and synergetic interactions. enso guides your team to discern and integrate emotional intelligence.


expert workshop facilitation

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