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I am really excited to co-host A Shade More….Light retreat with the talented and intuitive Jan Elgar on October 26-28, 2018. Jan recently had a showing of her latest artwork at the Bluerock Gallery. Jan has a unique talent that merges her creative ability with her intuitive self to produce exquisite pieces of art. Jan is also an expressive writer. She will bring all of herself to the upcoming retreat.

Here is an excerpt of Jan in all her wholeness and vulnerability:

“In the midst of busyness and in the centre of distraction there is a place that I consciously and deliberately choose to visit.

It is deep in the softness and core of my heart; that often heavily protected place around which in the past I have erected barricades, so that when I do stop running around in circles or away from or toward, there is this nourishing and nurturing nest that calls me and beckons for my attention.
The challenge though is to stop long enough to hear this whispered call and to act on the guidance it gives.

These last few weeks have really shown me how I can get caught up in life and tasks to the point that I end up feeling frayed on my physical and emotional edges and my capacity to hold that scattering depends on how and whether I show up for myself.

This means telling the truth. 

I have had a habit of not believing in myself. Hiding away to some extent and glossing over any of my gifts and talents, clearly to my detriment, which has mirrored itself in my life. This cultural conditioning and inner bias importantly has not and does not serve humanity and our beautiful planet.

I have been learning the lesson of appreciation and honouring the sacred that is held in me.

This is the lens through which I view the upcoming retreat,  ‘A Shade More Light’. 
As women we often struggle to see and appreciate our light, getting so caught up in the acts of taking care, managing and supporting. When we actually gather and allow ourselves to relax and feel that our vulnerability is heard and felt and respected, then we can open and bloom. Share and dive deeply into our own beauty. It’s all about that process of choosing to nurture ourselves and being present for others too. 

My work as an artist, poet and creative is to bring a sense of beauty and joy to my world and those who interact with me.

To see the divine everywhere and notice how it moves in and through us.”

~By Jan Elgar

Jan at Bluerock Gallery

Jan at Bluerock Gallery

Jan has always been drawn to expressing herself in paint and colour has called her and reverberated throughout her life. Jan studied and created at Brighton College of Art and then Shoreditch College, a part of London University completing a degree in Education, with a painting major. Teaching art has always been a passion and vocation, becoming the Head of Art in Berkshire.

Join us for “A Shade More..Light” to paint, create, write, dream, breathe, relax, stretch, nourish, hike, connect.


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A shade of light on enso property yesterday.

A shade of light on enso property yesterday.

Save the DATES:

March 8-10, 2019: Aquarian Teachers’ Retreat (women only)

May 3-5, 2019: A Shade More…Light with Jan Elgar (women only)

May 9-12, 2019: A Shade More…Renewed: Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Donna Alstad (women only)

May 29-June 2, 2019: Residential Coach Training Course-For leaders, and those who want more possibility and potential in their work, lives and relationships. Stay tuned for more details. (co-ed)

June 13-16: A Shade More…Balanced: Cycling, Hiking, Yoga Camp for cycling enthusiasts (co-ed)

July 11-14: A Shade More…Aware: Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Shannon Cowan (women only)

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