“Leadership and learning are indispensable”. 

~John F Kennedy


High performing teams are not a coincidence.

They are created with a mix of exceptional leadership and a mix of passion, vision, clarity and connected interpersonal relationships.  

At Enso, we truly believe that we are all inherently seeking to be our best selves—in all that we do, in all that we are, in all we strive to become.  Whether you are an evolving leader, part of a small working group or large complex team, cultivating compassion, curiosity and courage are the hallmarks to connection.

High performing teams are built on a foundation of trust and accountability.  At Enso, our Truer You courses, coaching and retreats help you learn more about yourself and each other to show up as your best selves with and for each other.   


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A Shade More…” Workshops & Retreats

We know time away immersed in nature’s playground with like-minded people help you explore and discover new sights, new ways of being and refocus and recharge your energy.  You will leave an enso retreat a shade more energized, confident, calm and focused to make a shift in your life to show up as your best self. We offer specialized retreats that integrate yoga, meditation, outdoor activities and nourishing habits.   Which retreat inspires your own growth or team’s needs?



Conflict Resolution & Team Building Retreats

Does your team need a fresh perspective to gain clarity and cohesiveness? Getting away from it all may be just what your team needs to connect, learn and grow together. You can custom design your own team retreat or Enso can design and facilitate your retreat to bring a fresh and exceptional experience to amp up your team performance.



Feel it to heal it

Are you desiring a more calm and peaceful way to resolve conflict?  Wanting to deal with your emotions in a more healthy and conscious way?

Whether you are a leader in an organization or leader in a family, noticing, naming and taming your emotions allows you to connect more deeply, more authentically more calmly with yourself and others.

Our Feel it To Heal it offering includes and emotional intelligence assessment, a debrief, 1:1 coaching and support



Executive coaching

As a leader, you are expected to coach your team to success. But who coaches you? Leaders can truly lead when you are provided the skills, tools and support to understand the bigger picture - when you can identify the overarching challenges your organization is facing, when you can see clearly what lies within your purview, when you are willing to invest in solutions, and when you can guide your team to embrace change. Become the best version of yourself in your professional sphere of influence with our 1:1 coaching, Leadership Circle 360 Assessment and Emotional Intelligence Assessment.