A learning and retreat centre committed to helping you find a truer you.

With conscious and compassionate curiosity, we help you embark on a path of transformation to cultivate a deeper sense of peace and harmony.

Located on Salt Spring Island, BC -- one of the most idyllic Gulf Islands off British Columbia's west coast --  Enso’s breathtaking 4.3 acre property is surrounded by towering old-growth trees and awe-inspiring views of nearby Vesuvius Bay and Vancouver Island. 

At Enso, we illuminate a path to a truer you.  A more compassionate you, a more connected you, a more peaceful you.  Through our signature retreats and personalized program approach, you will find your path to more ease and tranquility in your life.

We offer signature retreats, personalized coaching and customized leadership and coaching programs using a blend of  practices that help you develop new habits that nourish the mind, body, and soul.



Enso’s offerings


retreats for mind, body and soul seekers



retreats for adventure seekers


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team development


“The professional facilitators and the finely tuned and balanced itinerary they created facilitated a learning experience that has enriched my life. I’m already looking forward to my next Enso experience.” - Jen Allan



Our facilitators use a holistic approach to learning and transformation that integrates executive coaching, leadership development, communication and mindfulness techniques like yoga, meditation and time spent in nature.  We guide you to identify your overarching goals and objectives, understand your external challenges, dig deeply into your inherent strengths and your internal obstacles, guide you to develop realistic, attainable strategies and skills, and hold you accountable through on-going coaching, assessment, re-evaluation, and follow-up.

To facilitate successful learning and application for you, your team and/or your family, we tailor proven methodologies and learning modalities to your specific circumstances:

Coaching Out of the Box, a unique coach approach program designed to keep the learning simple by tapping into a participant's natural way of being

Emotional Intelligence using EQ Assessments through Learning In Action Technologies

The Leadership Circle 360 Profile through The Leadership Circle

Executive and Health Coaching for Individuals or Teams

Tailored Curriculum Design integrating coaching skills, learning triads and more

Workshop Facilitation

Leadership Training, Manager Training


To leave people feeling inspired and connected 


Impact and transform lives through immersion and connection to one’s true self in the beauty and tranquility of nature’s nourishing environment


Compassion:  everyone is going through something, and we believe in taking care of each other

Honesty: be true to yourself and to others

Curiosity:  seek to understand and learn - always

Holistic health:  the journey demands us to be “all in” with mind, body, and soul

Vulnerability:  lean in with all heart and listen to each emotion… they are the gifts of the soul

Play:  laugh, have fun, be active, smile

Who we work with



Healthcare Administrators

Business Owners & Managers

Professional Service Providers, including Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners, and more

Educators and their Support Teams

Community Groups, Organizers & Leaders

Youth Girls and Sports Teams

Individuals undergoing significant life transitions, including those recently retired, divorced, or experiencing loss and ready for a turn

Individuals living with chronic illness, disease or pain, plus their families and caregivers


The meaning of Enso

The enso is a sacred Japanese Buddhist symbol that represents a path to enlightenment. Characterized by a circular brush stroke, the artist may leave the circle open or incomplete, signify possibility, or the artist may choose to close the circle, representing wholeness. It shows an individual's journey, both inwards and outwards, to uncover deeper meaning, deeper understanding and deeper truth.