A Shade More ... Liberated

A Shade More ... Liberated

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April 17-19, 2020

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$850 - Dorm

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Join us for a relaxing (and well-deserved!) 3-day, 2-night retreat at the enso Retreat Centre on Salt Spring Island. Our unique retreat, in an inspiring and beautiful setting, provides you with an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty, and learn rituals and practices to help you reclaim the woman you want and were meant to be! Join Dori Howard and Heather Jacobson as you explore a path inward to a truer you, yearing to live a more authentic, healthier and more peaceful life.

Accommodations at enso Retreat Centre are limited so book early. Other options for accommodations are available on Salt Spring Island.

Who is this retreat for?

·  a shade more…liberated is designed for women desiring confidence and comfort in their own skin. It is an all-inclusive 3-day, 2-night experience for women who have dealt with years of trying to lose weight, being obsessed with their body image, years of dieting and spending time, money and energy on trying to look a certain way. maximum of 12 participants.


Unique retreat environment:

·      immersion in an inspirational setting conducive to learning and creativity

·      individual and group reflection

·      facilitated discussion in workshops, yoga, meditation

·      healthy meals with locally sourced ingredients

·      enjoyment of nature, poetry and music


Dates:  April 17-19, 2020


How to register: Click on the desired accommodation to register.