A Shade More ... Compassionate September 27-29

A Shade More ... Compassionate September 27-29

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Join us for a relaxing (and well-deserved!) two-day retreat at the enso Retreat Centre on Salt Spring Island. Our unique retreat, in an inspiring and beautiful setting, provides you with an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty, and learn rituals and practices to help you integrate kindness and compassion towards yourself and others in your daily life.

Together with other women and facilitators Dori Howard and Suzanne Steenburgh you will reflect, learn, experience, and have fun! You will leave this retreat A Shade More…Compassionate, with tools to create wholeness in your life. 

Early Bird Special on until June 20. Accommodations at enso Retreat Centre are limited so book early. Other options for accommodations are available on Salt Spring Island.

Before June 20 After June 20

Retreat and Meals:

$557 $650

Retreat, Accommodation and Meals

$697 $820 - Dorm

$757 $890 - Shared Room

$787 $920 - Treehouse

$807 $950 - Private

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a shade more ... compassionate

are you a woman working in a service profession? do you often care for others at the expense of yourself?

maybe it’s time to try something new… for you!

join us for a relaxing (and well-deserved!) three-day retreat at the enso beach house and forest on salt spring island. our unique retreat, in an inspiring and beautiful setting, provides you with an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty and consider rituals and practices to help you integrate kindness and compassion towards yourself and others in your daily life. together with other women and facilitators dori howard and nancy lanphear, you will reflect, learn, experience, and have fun! our hope is that you leave this retreat a shade more…compassionate, with tools to create wholeness in your life. 


This retreat is guided by the following principles:

·      this is part of your quest

·      begin where you are: no judgement as to competence or level

·      come prepared for individual reflection and group interaction

·      come open to possibilities for change or re-commitment to choices


Discover a shade more …

·      compassion in mindful practices

·      awareness to explore self

·      conscious conversations about who you are and where you are going

·      personal practices to integrate mindful and intentional living into your daily work


What you will do to achieve this:

·      yoga and meditation

·      healthy and conscious eating, communal food prep, cooking and clean-up

·      mindful practices (shinrin-yoku, reflection and journaling)

·      outdoor nature walks, beach walks

·      trip to the famous salt spring island market or north end farm

·      poetry and music

·      reflection, discovery and action steps

·      sharing, connection and fun(!)


Who is this retreat for?

·      a shade more…compassionate is offered to women who are in caring, helping, healing or other service professions. maximum of 10 participants.


Unique retreat environment:

·      immersion in an inspirational setting conducive to learning and creativity

·      individual and group reflection

·      facilitated discussion

·      healthy meals, communal food prep, dining and clean-up

·      enjoyment of nature, poetry and music


Dates:  September 21-23, 2018


How to register: Click on the desired accommodation to register. 


Location and how to get there:

the enso beach house and forest is on tranquil salt spring island, bc - where zen meets west coast. this 4.3 acre oceanfront property has stunning sunsets, soothing waves gently rolling in to a private smooth stone beach, dense forests of arbutus and fir trees, a babbling brook and close proximity to hiking and the funky town of ganges.

to get there, you must travel by bc ferries. bring your car and/or carpool with other participants (ferry reservations strongly recommended). walk on is possible and we can arrange a ride to the property.


Cost: Registration, Accommodation, Program and Meals

retreat fees are per person and cover 2 nights of accommodation, venue, meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches), learning program and administrative support. *facilitator costs are not included in the fee. we will practice the concept of dana and ask that you consider the meaning of this retreat to you, and give freely and anonymously via cash donation at the end of the retreat. for those bringing a vehicle, there is free on-site parking.

accommodations for the retreat will be cozy and comfortable with the following options available (all bathrooms and showers are shared):

·      private room                 $345
 ·     Treehouse-shared         $325
·      shared room                  $295
·      camper/tent                   $245
·      commuter                       $195

we will integrate zen, yoga and other practices into the retreat from many teachings. this is not a buddhist retreat nor does it follow any one belief or system. the buddhist practice of giving and receiving is an essential preliminary practice known as dana. nancy and dori believe that this retreat concept operates on a foundation of giving and sharing of wisdom and practices. your facilitators offer freely of themselves to create a unique experience of integrating intentional and conscious practices into daily work life for women in service professions.

Dietary needs: Please indicate if you have any dietary restrictions or needs.

sharing: as resourceful women, you have a lot of capabilities and ideas! please let us know in advance if there is something you would like to share or contribute for the retreat (cooking, baking, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, etc.)

What to bring:

·      yoga mat
·      walking shoes
·      water shoes (weather permitting to step in ocean)
·      comfortable clothing for yoga and for sitting in retreat
·      work gloves and clothes
·      an object that represents who you are
·      poem that resonates with you now
·      journal and pen
·      hiking/walking poles if you use the
·      water bottle
·      bottle of wine to share if you want to drink wine with dinner

About the Facilitators:

dori’s mantra, “it’s all about the learning,” is integrated into all aspects of her life. her experiences in healthcare for over 30 years have brought many lessons of giving, receiving, health and wellness. this past year has been a steep learning curve in the practice of self-compassion. dori’s view is that there is no magic bullet but rather a range of life practices that can move us ‘a shade more…’ towards wellness and healing. she created a self-prescribed holistic care plan that included yoga, meditation, conscious nutrition, hiking, and time in nature in her daily life in order to balance compassion for self and others. the healing environment at enso beach house and forest on salt spring island has created a safe, holistic space to become a shade more… whole. dori is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience in leading individual and group learning activities. she is a certified executive coach.  her passion is creating spaces and opportunities for people to reflect, learn and try out new (or re-activate) practices that move them toward life wellness and wholeness.  She is currently training to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

nancy has been in health care since 1981 when she entered medical school. as with many service providers, she is motivated to help, serve and to make a difference. she has also been searching, and at times struggling, to maintain balance, retain purpose and take the time to hear her inner voice. nancy is a yoga student and certified yoga teacher who enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music and finding beauty in the world. she strives to live the concept of “moving in the direction of” and the belief that life is about connection to ourselves and others.