a shade more ... compassionate

September 27-29, 2019

Are you a woman working in a service profession? Do you often care for others at the expense of yourself? It’s time to focus on you.

Join us for a relaxing (and well-deserved!) 2-day retreat at enso Retreat Centre on Salt Spring Island, BC. Our unique retreat, in an inspiring and beautiful setting, provides you with an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty and consider rituals and practices to help you integrate kindness and compassion towards yourself and others in your daily life. Together with other women and facilitators Dori Howard and Suzanne Steenburgh you will reflect, learn, experience, and have fun! You will leave feeling calm, relaxed and focused with tools to cultivate a shade more self compassion and wholeness in your life. 

This retreat is guided by the following principles:

·      this is part of your quest
·      begin where you are: no judgement as to competence or level
·      come prepared for individual reflection and group interaction
·      come open to possibilities for change or re-commitment to choices 

By immersing yourself in this retreat, you will:

Be able to define compassion and self-compassion and have increased awareness on how to further develop the strength to be with suffering.

Compassion is a process that unfolds in response to suffering. It begins with the recognition of suffering, which gives rise to thoughts and feelings of empathy and concern. This, in turn, motivates action to relieve that suffering.

Have increased awareness of some tools and strategies that allow each of us to nurture and grow the compassionate instinct for ourselves and others.

Humans have a natural capacity for compassion. However, everyday stress, social pressures and life experiences and distractions can make it difficult to fully express this capacity. Each of us can choose to nurture and grow the compassionate instinct, like a plant that is carefully cultivated from a seed. This process requires patience, steady care, proper tools, and a supportive environment.

Develop a plan of action to incorporate home practices, in class activities and additional insights from the retreat to continue to garner and foster the above mentioned awareness and cultivation of compassion and compassionate action into daily life.

The process of cultivating compassion involves training our own minds, developing specific skills in how we relate to others and ourselves and intentionally choosing compassionate thoughts and actions.

What you will do to achieve this:

·      yoga and meditation and other mindful practices
·      participate in world renown Compassion Cultivation workshops
·      healthy, nourishing meals
·      outdoor nature walks, beach walks
·      trip to the famous salt spring island market or north end farm
·      poetry and music
·      reflection, discovery and action steps
·      sharing, connection and fun(!)

Who is this retreat for?

a shade more…compassionate is offered to women who are in caring, helping, healing or other service professions. Maximum of 12 participants.

Location and how to get there:

The enso Retreat Centre is located on tranquil Salt Spring Island, BC - where zen meets west coast. This 4.3-acre oceanfront property has stunning sunsets, soothing waves gently rolling in to a private smooth stone beach, dense forests of arbutus and fir trees, a babbling brook and close proximity to hiking and the funky town of Ganges.

To get here, you must travel by BC Ferries. Bring your car and/or carpool with other participants (ferry reservations strongly recommended). Walk-on is possible and we can arrange a ride to the property. For those bringing a vehicle, there is free on-site parking.

Prices: Retreat + Meals

$557.00 -Early Bird Special before June 20

$650.00 -Regular price after June 20

Above prices do not include accommodation

All different kind of accommodation options available (dormitory, shared room, treehouse (private), private room, offsite). Please note, that only limited number of each accommodation type is available at enso Retreat centre, so if you have a certain preference, do not hesitate to register soon. Alternate accommodations are available on Salt Spring Island

Prices: Retreat + Accommodation + Meals

Early Bird- Before June 20 Regular Price

$697.00 $820.00 - Dorm

$757.00 $890.00 - Shared Room

$787.00 $920.00 - Treehouse

$807.00 $950.00 - Private Room

Retreat fees are per person and cover 2 nights of oceanfront deluxe accommodation, peaceful, tranquil venue, healthy nutritious meals made with organic, locally sourced ingredients (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches), and world class compassion learning program, restorative yoga, meditation practices, group coaching, beach and outdoor activities, reflection and mindful practices.

What to bring:

·      yoga mat (if you have one that you love, if not, our newly renovated studio has plenty)
·      walking shoes
·      water shoes (weather permitting to step in ocean)
·      comfortable clothing for yoga and for sitting in retreat, and to layer
·      an object that represents who you are and where you are right now
·      poem that resonates with you now
·      journal and pen
·      hiking/walking poles if you use them
·      water bottle, hot drink thermos
·      bottle of wine to share if you want to drink wine with dinner


About the Facilitators:


Dori Howard

Coach. Retreat Host. Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Dori’s mantra, “it’s all about the learning,” is integrated into all aspects of her life. her experiences in healthcare for over 30 years have brought many lessons of giving, receiving, health and wellness. Her past few years have been a lived experience of cultivating self - compassion. From compassion idiocy to compassion literacy, her view is that there is no magic bullet but rather a range of life practices that can move us ‘a shade more…’ towards wellness and healing. She has created a self-prescribed holistic care plan that includes yoga, meditation, conscious nutrition, hiking, and time in nature in her daily life in order to balance compassion for self and others. The healing environment at enso Retreat Centre, also her private home, on Salt Spring Island has created a safe, holistic space to become a shade more… whole. Dori is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience in leading individual and group learning activities. She is a certified executive coach. Her passion is creating spaces and opportunities for people to reflect, learn and try out new (or re-activate) practices that move them toward life wellness and wholeness. Integrating Kundalini yoga practices into her life led her to become a Level 1 KRI certified teacher. As important as brushing your teeth and washing your face, a daily shower for the mind includes a meditation practice to ease the mind, body and soul to practice self compassion.


Suzanne Steenburgh

Registered Nurse. Compassion Cultivation Trainer


Through Suzanne’s 20 years of working closely with children with brain and spinal cord tumours, and as a leader at the B.C. Children’s Hospital, she developed a passion for supporting the emotional wellbeing of caregivers.

As a parent, nurse, health leader, and care giver for her aging mother, Suzanne recognized that the heath system alone is not able to keep up with the rapidly increasing mental health needs of our care givers. This prompted her to seek out the latest research, science and programs on compassion and empathy fatigue, leading her to mindful compassion education and practices. Suzanne currently focuses her efforts on exploring, teaching and promoting mindful compassion training in hopes to support both paid and unpaid care givers to prevent and heal empathy fatigue and overwhelm.

Suzanne is a registered nurse and certified Compassion Cultivation Training teacher through the Compassion Institute in San Francisco. She believes that through raising awareness to our inherent need for self-compassion and our compassionate nature for others, we can reduce underlying fear, anxiety and disconnect, allowing us to restore a sense of peace and heartfelt happiness. 

Suzanne brings a sense of wonder, acceptance, curiosity and humour to her work with others and believes in compassionate listening while also sharing her personal journey to help others connect to their own.